Code of Ethics:

Islam is a religion which does not encourage its believers to restrict themselves to a spiritual phase but covers all the worldly affairs and provides them a code of ethics, so that a good society could be nurtured where all human beings become sympathetic to each other. Islam allows no distinction between Mosque and worldy affairs, and suggests a code that covers all walks of life.

The Prophet of Islam led a life full of wisdom, justice, modesty, bravery and compassion. The first Caliph of Islam, Abu Bakr (RA) represented the Prophet's wisdom, the second Caliph of Islam, Umar (RA) was distinct in his rule of justice, the third Caliph, Uthman (RA) represented the Prophet's modesty and the fourth Caliph Ali (RA) was distinct in his bravery.
Akhlaq Jalali is an authentic book on Islamic Ethics and it mentions these four characters of ethics. The collective approach to these points provides a sense of direction in this field.